Welcome to McAllen, one of the fastest growing areas of the Nation

Welcome to McAllen, one of the fastest growing areas of the Nation

#4 Most Popular City People Move To

"#4 Most Popular City People Move To" - The Fiscal Times, 2012

Residential permits issued 51/2 times faster than the national average!

Residential permits issued 5½ times faster than the national average! - ICMA, 2011

Leading Location for doing Business

"Leading Location for doing Business" - Area Development Magazine, 2011

#1 Mid Size Market City for Restaurant Expansion

"#1 Mid Size Market City for Restaurant Expansion" - QSR magazine, 2011

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The following approvals are required in order to process your subdivision.

Planning & Zoning Commission Preliminary Plat Approval

After the subdivision application is received and processed, the subdivision will be presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission for consideration and approval.  Compliance with the conditions of the Planning and Zoning Commission are necessary in order to proceed with the subdivision process. 

Generally, the deadline for submittal of a complete application is 18 days prior to the next scheduled Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. 

Approval of a preliminary plat is valid for one (1) year with an option to request a six-month extension.

Engineering Department Approval

As part of the subdivision approval process, the Engineering Department reviews subdivisions to ensure compliance with storm water drainage requirements and the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Policy.

The Standard Design Guide includes standardized criteria for the City's infrastructure including: streets, sidewalks, water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer.  The Guide includes the submittal requirements for the Drainage Statement and the City's storm water detention requirements.  Your Project Engineer is responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements set forth in the Guide. 

Your subdivision may require submittal of a TIA if the traffic projected to be generated is greater than 100 trips during morning or afternoon peak-hours.  In order to determine if a TIA is required, a Trip Generation Worksheet is required to be submitted by your Project Engineer.  Driveway spacing will be subject to conformance with the Access Management Policy.

Construction Documents for the required public improvements may be submitted after receiving Final Plat Approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission.

McAllen Public Utility Board Approval

Subdivision plat applications require McAllen Public Utility Board (MPUB) approval as part of the Subdivision Process.  Plat application and corresponding utility submittal information is internally routed to McAllen Public Utility (MPU) from the City of McAllen's Planning Department.  MPU Staff reviews submittal information and will either send a written correspondence requesting additional information or will schedule Plat Application for formal MPUB approval.  MPUB meetings  are conducted twice monthly and are generally held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.

Submittal Checklist for MPU Board Consideration

Park Land Dedication Approval  

Park Land Dedication:  All residential development and/or construction requires park land dedicated by Ordinance.  In some cases, a "fee in lieu of" dedication of land is approved by the City Commission.  As of late 2012, the amount of that fee is $700 per dwelling unit.

The Parkland Dedication Advisory Board recommends to the City Commission land dedication and/or fees in lieu of land dedications for residential subdivisions. In some residential plats, staff may administratively approve the plan. Park Land Dedication Ordinance.

City Commission Approval, if applicable

City Commission approval is required only in situations where variances to City Ordinance/policies are requested.  The process for requesting variances consists of a formal request in writing with supporting documentation.

Planning & Zoning Commission Final Plat Approval

Once the subdivision has received all relevant approvals, your subdivision will be scheduled on a Planning and Zoning Commission agenda for consideration in final form.

Securing Final Plat Approval is the final step prior to construction of public improvements and plat recording. 

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